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Resurgam | 24 Months Video

Jan. 25th, 2023

Today, Resurgam Project brings to you a video that marks the 24 months of project. So far, we have accomplished a lot of results and we are sure that many more will be achieved in the next months!


Resurgam | General Assembly

Jan. 12th, 2023

European Federation for Welding, Joining And Cutting (EWF) presented the RESURGAM Project developments on the General Assembly on the 12th of January of 2023 for a group of 81 participants.


Resurgam | Happy Festive Season

Dec. 22nd, 2022

RESURGAM Project Partners send all a warm HAPPY FESTIVE SEASON and a joyful, productive and most of all safe year.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year 2023..


Resurgam | Navalia Exhibition

Sept. 05th, 2022

ACLUNAGA participated as exhibitor in the Navalia Exhibition, that took place between 24th and 26th of May in Vigo. Since we had a stand at the fair, we took advantage of the opportunity..


Cleaning and Inspection of a steel plate (UL CRIS)

Aug. 10th, 2022

Resurgam Project demo, Portroe lake, Ireland, July 2022…UL CRIS team performed the task of underwater cleaning and inspection of a steel plate (a simulation of a damaged ship hull area)...


Resurgam | Underwater inspection testing

Aug. 10th, 2022

Resurgam project the underwater inspection testing has begun and with great results! See more: The RESURGAM systems demonstrations are planned to occur at various instances across the execution of the project..